Hi everyone, for many people all over the world it is the start of lent, a 40-day period of fasting and penitence observed by many Christians in preparation for Easter. It’s a period of great spiritual exercise usually observed in order to obtain good habits for the active life as a Christian.

It is at the occasion of lent 2016 that i launched the blog “Mission for Jesus” , i wish you guys the very best as you enter this lent season. I would love to share with you this prayer which i entitled “predisposition prayer for lent”

God Almighty,

You have made me from mud, You have breath into me.

You made the flesh on me and the spirit in me.

You know my failures and shortcomings.

You have knowledge of good ans evil, righteousness and sin,

yet You are righteous, You do no evil but rather good.

As Jesus Christ died on The cross of Calvary, make me dead unto sin.

The flesh, the flesh, I have been commanded by the flesh,

I went into sinful ways and yet Your love for me has not changed or moved a little.

Father, as the lost son i come back to You

with all my shortcomings, that You may forgive me,

In The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ,

that You sanctify me with The blood of my Saviour,

Your Son Jesus Christ, that You purify me, that You renew my mind,

that You mould me into what You want me to become,

that You change me, that You change my heart,

that You change my mind, that You separate me unto You, that I sin no more.

May Your Holy Spirit be at work in my life,

may Your Word and Your Will dominate in all my deeds,

may my thoughts be Yours, those You intend for me to have.

Separate me from all evil and occasions of sin,

enlighten me and lead me, guard me and guide me,

make me perfect like You are perfect, You my Heavenly Father up-high.

Make me fit, pure, ready for when Jesus Christ comes again

In Jesus Christ’S Name I pray .



Victoria Eyog

Please everyone leave a comment, and please check in tomorrow God willing as we continue with lent.

God bless you all!!!!